Hilltoppers Pony Club


Ride Times for Sunday, September 9 Dressage & Prix Caprilli 

USEF First Level Test 2

9:00 4 Lorna Aho               Rikki

9:07  5 Holly Breaux           Wapz Hot Dan

USEF First Level Test 3

9:14 Lorna Aho                  Rilki

9:21 5 Holly Breaux           Wapz Hot Dan

USEF Second Level Test 1


9:35 6 Denise Putman.      Gorgeous George

Training Level Test 1

9:42 11  Avery Cannon      Pegasus Without Wings   Piedmont PC

9:48 12  Lisa Hanweck      Way Jose

9:54 10 Kelly Burns           Flying Pass

USEF Training Level Test 2

10:00 13  Brynn Delong           All Systems Go HTPC

USEF Training Level Test 3

10:0612  Lisa Hanweck         Way Jose

10:12 13  Brynn Delong         All Systems Go

FEI Children’s Team Test

10:18 34 Maren Hanson        In My Feelings

*****Break small arena set

USDF Intro Test C out of order

10:45 22 Sue Groover            Dark Star

USDF Intro Test A

10:51  14 Gail Ford                  Cool Hand Luke

10:57 17  Lucy Hight               Strawberry Shortcake

11:03 16  Abby Young             Lucy's Golden Nugget

11:09 29 Kelly Burns               Roy

11:15 3 Jen Cleere                  Flying Pass

USDF Intro Test B Division A

11:21 16 Abby Young              Lucy's Golden Nugget

11:27  8 Susan Thomas          Whiskey Business

11:33 18  Nick Teszler             Rose All Day

11:39  3 Jen Cleere                 Flying Pass

11:45 15 Alexis McDonald      Crossed Arrows Honey

USDF Intro Test C

**22 Sue Groover            Dark Star

11:51 8 Susan Thomas          Whiskey Business

11:57 11 Avery Cannon          Pegasus .Without Wings Piedmont PC

12:03  21 Eliza Boardman      Let it Rain HTPC

12:09 18 Nick Teszler             Rose All Day

12:15 20 Annabelle Kurtz        Logan HTPC

 Lunch break

USDF Intro B Division B

1:0014 Gail Ford                  Cool Hand Luke

1:06 21 Eliza Boardman       Let it Rain HTPC

1:12 9 Cady Solomon           Whiskey Business

1:18 20 Anabelle Kurtz         Logan HTPC

1:24 29 Kelly Burns              Roy

USEA Beginner Novice Test A

1:30  25 Audrey Boardman   Pied Piper HTPC

USEA Beginner Novice Test B

1:36 Susan Thomas              Actively Engaged TIP

USEA Novice Test A

 1:42 25 Audrey Boardman    Pied Piper HTPC

1:48 31 Laura Edison             Major Tom HTPC TIP

1:54 30 Kelly Rousey              Majestic View

USEA Novice Test B

2:00 31 Laura Edison              Major Tom HTPC TIP

USEA Training Test A

2:06 7 Courtney Cook              Crossed Arrows Yeti TIP

USEA Training Test B

2:12 7 Courtney Cook              Crossed Arrows Yeti TIP

2:18 24 Susan Thomas            Fleaux Easy. TIP

3:00 Dressage Seat Equitation 14-18

13 Brynn Delong

Dressage Seat Equitation 13 and under

34 Maren Hanson

15 Lexi McDonald

20 Annabelle Kurtz

All Hilltoppers to the arena to set up for Prix Caprilli

Stay as jump crew

You will be allowed to warm up over the fences in the arena instead of going around the outside of the arena. Test Caller is available and on standby at the arena for all Prix Caprilli rides. Maximum allowed time is 2 minutes for warmup in show arena to maintain schedule.

3:30 Prix Caprilli Test 1 2’

27 Maren Hanson        In My Feelings HTPC

33 Courtney Cook       Crossed ArrowsYeti HTPC TIP

 Prix Caprill Test 2  2’

13 Brynn Delong         All Systems Go HTPC

27 Maren Hanson        In My Feelings HTPC

All Hilltoppers stay for cleanup!

Thanks for a great show!!

September  9 Dressage and Prix Caprilli Show
Still accepting new entries until SEPT 4! 
Enter Online 

NOVEMBER 17th Series Finale

December 29th NEW SHOW!

Details to come!

Membership Information 

If you are interested in joining Hilltoppers Pony Club, please take a look at our New Member Welcome Letter to see be sure that Hilltoppers Pony Club will be a good fit for you and/or your child. New in 2017 HORSEMASTERS for adults 25+

If you decide that you would like to join Hilltoppers, the following is a checklist of items that should be completed:

New Member Checklist

  • Read the New Member Welcome Letter and sign a copy.
  • Attend two meetings as a visitor and submit dates with your Member Application.
  • Complete 2019 Member Application. Both parent and child must sign the Code of Conduct and Release and Assumption of Risk if member is           under 18.
  • Complete the 2019 Medical Card information. This card will be placed in a medical armband (provided to members upon joining) and must be         worn at all times during any Pony Club activity.
  • Visit Cheddar Up and pay New Member Dues  via this link.

New members joining prior to January 1, 2019 will pay the following fees:

$200 Prorated USPC National Dues

$30 Prorated South Region Dues

$100 Prorated Hilltoppers Club Dues (includes D Manual and pin)

$20 Sponsor Fee (Optional)

New members joining as of January 1, 2019 will pay the following fees:

$155 USPC National Dues

$25 South Region Dues

$80 Hilltoppers Club Dues (includes D Manual and pin)

$20 Sponsor Fee (Optional)

  • Submit a copy of your current Coggins.
  • Upon joining, members must let the D.C. know each month whether or not they will attend regularly scheduled meetings via Sign Up Genius,         which is usually sent out roughly 2 weeks prior to a meeting.
  • Membership forms should be submitted to our Treasurer, Jennifer Mata, at the address below after payment has been made online.

Jennifer Mata

1572 Thompson Mill Road

Monroe, GA 30655

(770) 757-1907 [email protected]

If you have any questions, please contact our DC Christie Hanson 706-338-4120 or Jennifer Mata.

Hilltoppers is proud to offer outstanding instruction at no additional charge after membership dues. We will ask for volunteerism but the rewards are great! In 2017-2018 we have already hosted 3 USPC National Examiners, Billie Stewart, Richard Lamb and Ann Haller. Join today!! We also offer Horsmasters for Adult members!