Hilltoppers Pony Club


The “Mia Dalrymple” Memorial Trophy will be awarded at the Ashland CT fall show.  The trophy will go to the  highest percent score in Training Level Tests by  a United State Pony Club Member.  In the case of a tie, the competitor with the highest marks received under General Impressions shall be declared the winner. If there's still a tie, it goes to the free walk score.  If the scores are still equal the horses must remain tied.

  • The 2013 winners of the “Mia Dalrymple” Memorial Trophy were Cady Solomon and Dani Platt.  Both members of Hilltoppers Pony Club.
  • The 2014 winner of the “Mia Dalrymple” Memorial Trophy was Brynn Delong from Hilltoppers Pony Club.
  • The 2015 show was postponed until February 2016 and the winner was AGAIN Brynn Delong of Hilltoppers Pony Club!

Brynn Delong - 2 time winner of the Mia Dalrymple Memorial Trophy